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Blackskin Thugs Attacking Elderly Yellowskins

Daily Pundit

Democrats, Antifa Start New Racial Gaslighting Campaign to Portray Vicious Attacks on Asians Committed by Blacks As “White Supremacy”

Note we also saw the spate of attacks on Hasidic people blamed on “white supremacism,” even though security camera footaged showed that nearly all the attackers were black (with the occasional Hispanic).


Conservative, Inc. refuses to discuss this kind of evil, destabilizing racial gaslighting — or the vicious anti-white and anti-Asian racism that is spurring these Knockout Game attacks — because they agree with their leftwing colleagues: Any talk about race is racist, except if it’s to rush to be seen publicly agreeing with or praising a minority.


Never forget: The “Call-Out Conservatives,” as Julie Kelly calls them, all rushed to join in the left’s defamation of the Covington Kids. Because they were white, and therefore Fair Game.


These are the left’s repulsive rules — which Conservative, Inc. follows to the letter.

In San Francisco, blackskin thugs have traditionally attacked elderly yellowskins, perceiving them as weak and easy prey.

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They didn’t do so well when they tried to take on the yellowskin protective social clubs (tongs), but they’ve tried to make up for it by bashing yellowskin grandmothers and grandfathers.

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