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Biden’s School Opening Guidelines Are Horrible for Parents and Students

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We’re still debating sending kids back to in-person school. You may be as surprised as I am to find this out. In my corner of America, kids have been back in schools and taught by teachers there since September. There hasn’t been much of an issue. However, elsewhere, this hasn’t been the case, to the dismay of struggling parents at their wits’ end. And the utter indifference of the teachers’ unions. Wait, I’m sorry. I forgot to use precision of language. I meant to say the totally unmockable concern of independently elected school boards.

Some have questioned whether Joe Biden would side with parents and students or side with the teachers’ unions since last year. The latest from the White House is that if 50% of schools were open one day a week, that would be a success. On Friday, it was reported there may be more specific guidelines on the way. Lots of zones. Many colors. Any real answers? Meh.

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“Practical implementation” will be the key. Like how practical it will be to have classrooms with desks six feet apart (the kids are already masking up). Or how this will be implemented in school districts that have already been open since last September. This is where I’m questioning how this actually helps parents or students. Because it sounds like it complicates things more. Kids who still haven’t been back in the classroom will have to struggle. Kids who have been back in school will have to take a step back. Parents will be stuck having to figure things out on their own. Because, if history is any indicator, the new guidelines will come with Democrat and media virtue-signaling over how we just need to “follow the science.” Even though science has been saying for months kids can return to classroom learning. And the last time science contradicted what the teachers’ union have been demanding, the White House threw science under the bus. Allegedly.

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Parents and students need answers. They deserve answers. What’s being reported as the Biden plan just leaves more questions. But hey, at least keep the unions happy.

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