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BBQing Bro Shows Proper Way to Handle Pro-Lockdown Reporters. Just One Smack …

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There are two groups of people during our time of the corona: people who want to be left alone to live their best lives while taking proper precautions, and people so high on panic porn (allegedly), they demand you be as scared and take things as super-serious as they do. For every person who just wants to kiss a stranger, there is a person who overreacts if you aren’t masked up enough. I’m not a scientist or someone who works for the CDC, so I wouldn’t imagine telling you what the right answer is. Just stay abreast of the latest guidelines and do you.

It’s refreshing to see this isn’t only an American problem. We go now to Australia, home of Vegemite, Toni Storm, and music icons the Wiggles. The land down under is also under lockdown. Aussies can be broken into the same two groups. In this instance, we have the annoying pro-lockdown reporter group, and a bro just wanting to grill a sausage group. Let’s find out what happens.

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Some background as to how we got here. There was a local news report on people ignoring lockdown guidelines:

In a 7News package on Sunday night, a reporter interrogated two mates about why they were using an outdoor barbecue during the lockdown.

“Barbecues across the Yarra sat idle, but these mates weren’t willing to explain,” the reporter said as the camera panned over to the two sausage handlers.

“Did you realise there’s a lockdown?” the reporter asked.

Do you realize your microphone just got LAUNCHED into the lake? Ask stupid questions, get to feel stupid explaining to your editor how you let this happen. Maybe I’m reading too much into this, but I get the feeling the reporter could have been a bit of a douche. He had the microphone on a stick I’m assuming was at least six feet long. Or 1.82 meters since this is Australia. People who do that generally aren’t fun people to be around. I could be wrong. But I’m willing to bet there’s video of the reporter yelling at a rando for only wearing two masks at the deli.

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What isn’t clear is whether the dude was grilling sausages as a means of protest. Or if he was just hungry. Either way, he’s an early favorite for 2021 Bro of the Year.

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