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Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen Plan to Unite America with a Podcast. No, Really.

Louder With Crowder

The concept of “unity” has become parody in politics. Electing Joe Biden was done to bring America together. When Democrats say America needs to unite, it means half the country needs to shut up and think what Democrats want them to think. Or at least those are the feelings of some Americans who don’t write algorithms for Facebook. “Unity” has become the new “you’re a racist” if you disagree with the left on any issue for any reason. But don’t worry, America. Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen are going to fix things with a brand-new podcast.

File this under “the left is beyond parody.”

Spotify announced that the former president and rockstar Bruce Springsteen — yes, you read that right — will host a show called Renegades: Born in the USA exclusively for the audio platform. They’ll discuss “race, fatherhood, marriage, and the state of America,” per a press release, and the first two episodes premiere today for both free and premium Spotify users.

When race comes up, I can’t wait to hear their thoughts on the 8 White Identities. Or how white people should be less white. Springsteen dumping on the people who made him who he is will be fun. I can’t wait for the interview with Joe Biden either. Between him and “the Boss,” they’re going to need closed captioning on the audio podcast to understand what either is saying.

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Also, can we please stop with the idea of Bruce Springsteen being the voice of a voiceless generation? In the ’70s and ’80s, maybe. Born to Run and Darkness on the Edge of Town both still hold up as quality albums. No amount of 2021 leftist douchebaggery will take that away from Springsteen. But enough with this idea of him as the Boomer Whisperer. He hasn’t done anything musically relevant for over two decades. Most of his fans who still remember him are the ones left behind by his new political ideology. Today’s generation just knows him as an old white guy who tells them what they want to hear. Which I guess is enough these days. Just look at the halo around Anthony Fauci.

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All of what ails America will be solved by two people who have the exact same ideology and agree on everything. All done in podcast form. Again, the left is beyond satire. The funny thing is if Obama did a podcast talking with people who disagree with and might challenge him, that could actually be interesting.

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