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Arkansas AG Announces Bill Banning Transgender Athletes from Girls’ Sports

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There is a debate in this country about the fairness of allowing biological men to compete against biological girls in school sports. Attorney general nominee Merrick Garland was asked about it during his hearings and didn’t have any answers. A bipartisan group feels it is not fair. They follow the science, and even Democrats like Tulsi Gabbard point out the unfair advantage people who were born male receive. Gender may be a social construct, but biology isn’t. The opposing side feels that you should live your life and compete as whatever gender you identify as. This side is predominantly far-left. Many who work in Big Tech are assumed to share this belief, which would include Facebook. The same Facebook who will decide if you see this post or not. With me so far?

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Because Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge announces a bill banning transgender athletes from competing in girls’ school sports. These are HER words coming out of HER mouth. I’m merely reporting that she said them.

Let me just tell you about the difference between a male and a female. We all know there are differences. There are biological and scientific differences … and the message is really, really clear. The message is for girls, “You deserve equal opportunities, except in sports.” That’s not acceptable.

This is in response to a January 20th executive order from Joe Biden.

“Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room or school sports,” the order says.

Of course, we all have thoughts on the matter. But as was alluded to before, Facebook can be a bit of a pill. It’s why we’re suing them. YOU should be encouraged to share your thoughts however you feel fit. I only ask you sign up for our newsletter, where we’re freer to share ours.

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