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Another (Laughable Scam) Bites the Dust

Daily Pundit

U.S. attorney for Utah, John Huber, resigns

WASHINGTON, DC (ABC4) – The U.S. attorney for Utah, John Huber, has announced that he is resigning on Wednesday under the instruction of President Joe Biden.

Remember when the “Huber Investigation” of the Carter Page FISA warrant as well as Uranium One was going to blow both the Clinton Crime Family and the Deep State/Obama war on Trump out of the water?

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It was all very mysterious, and in the end, Huber issued one of those patented “no evidence” conclusions.

His story is interesting.  The Trump Administration tried to fire him, but Jeff Sessions reappointed him on an interim basis, and then the Trump people reversed themselves and appointed him again, at which point Sessions initiated the (eventual) whitewash investigation, at which point Trump called him “a garbage disposal for important documents.”

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In retrospect, it appears that both Sessions and Huber were complicit in the coverups, adding yet two more to Trump’s list of suicidal appointments.  

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