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Another firework attack on police near Lyon

Free West Media

As a reminder, on Tuesday evening, several individuals fired fireworks and projectiles against the walls of the police station in the neigbourhood of eastern Lyon. The next day, clashes broke out in the same area.

Once again, immigrant rioters had used powerful fireworks against the mobilized police, and in particular the CRS. One of their vehicles was damaged.

But it remains to be seen whether this operation will really restore order to the immigrant-populated Vaulx. It is not certain, especially if we are to believe some messages posted on social networks calling for immigrants “to wage war” this weekend, Lyon Mag reported.

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After the arrest of several drug traffickers, tensions are high in the district of Thibaude. On Sunday evening, the police station was the target of mortar fire. Since Sunday, the police vehicles that try to drive through Thibaude, are targeted with projectiles or fireworks, as we can see on the video broadcast on social networks.

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